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Need Allergy Relief And Odor Removal Cadillac MI? Winters can be hard in Northern Michigan, but warmer weather and a good amount of sunshine soon take over and the landscape is transformed into beautiful shades of green highlighted by a full spectrum of spring flowers that burst onto the scene.

Unfortunately, the appearance of those flowers also marks the beginning of the allergy season, as those gorgeous floral displays begin releasing irritating pollen into the air and into our homes where it finds its way into our respiratory systems. Sneezing, wheezing, irritation and other issues become common and can make the season a very uncomfortable time of the year, especially for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Eliminating allergens and odors from smoke, tobacco, pets, skunks, musty mildew & mold, urine odors and more is easy. Get complete Allergy Relief And Odor Removal in Cadillac MI with JUST GONE.

If you are like so many of your friends and neighbors who suffer from seasonal allergies, you will be pleased to know that Fibertec Cleaning & Restoration has joined forces with JUST GONE SYSTEMS to bring residents of Cadillac and nearby Northern Michigan towns, an effective program designed to alleviates seasonal pollen and allergens in your home or business so you can breathe effortlessly and enjoy the fresh Michigan air.

Up until now, there was little relief from the pollen, except perhaps the use of inhalers and other such devices. However, within the past several months a solution has been made available. It is the JUST GONE System. If you have not yet heard of JUST GONE, you soon will as dealers throughout the country are discovering its benefits.

The JUST GONE system is the result of decades of research in a process that uses the naturally occurring elements Chlorine Dioxide CLO2. The difference between chlorine as used as a bleach is one additional oxygen molecule. That additional molecule renders this product safe, non-corrosive non-toxic and incredibly effective for a number of purposes. It not only provides complete allergy relief in your home or business but, also is known to be effective for odor removal in Cadillac homes. JUST GONE represents the biggest breakthrough in odor removal since stink began. It is the ideal product for permanently removing the most objectionable odors

The amazing JUST GONE product is made to deal with the most offensive odors where it can free your home and your family from potential health hazards in a safe, efficient and surprisingly affordable manner.

Skunk odors have always presented a problem. The pungent aroma of skunk spray has let tears in the eyes of anyone unfortunate enough to meet up with a skunk. Dog owners know the long lasting after-effects of a confrontation.

Tobacco smoke creates deep odors that seem to penetrate every surface of a smoker’s home, settling and embedding its odors in the drapes, upholstery, rugs and invading the HVAC vents. Most people find that smell of tobacco smoke to be not only offensive but also impossible to eliminate up until now.

The product will eliminate the acrid smells of dog and cat urine and the musty mildewy odor of mold that may be present in basements or other areas of a home. Left to grow and prosper on your home, that mold can easily spread and develop into a dangerous black mold which can cause severe respiratory problems. The applications seem endless as we have discovered numerous applications of JUST GONE in — houses, apartments, cars, boats, RVs, office buildings, hotel and motel rooms and for fire clean-up.

Applications For JUST GONE Outside The Home

Auto. RV and Boat Dealerships

Would you buy a used car, boat or an RV that smells bad? Most people would not, especially if the dominant odor in that car is tobacco smoke. That offensive smell probably leads the list of offensive car odors that dealers must cope with. Used cars often carry the pervasive smell of mildew, rotting meat or other decomposing protein matter. In other situations, pet odors, especially dog or cat urine, or in the case of RVs, a visit by a skunk could seep into the vehicle and render it useless.

To sell those smelly vehicles, boats and RVs, a dealer must offer a huge price reduction or wholesale it out at an even lower price. With JUST GONE, a dealer can completely deodorize a problem car, boat or RV quickly and inexpensively and be assured that even the worst odors will never again appear, which translates to higher profits.

Daycare and Preschool Facilities
Pre-schoolers are bacteria magnets, particularly when they assemble in groups at their daycare and preschool facilities. They randomly pass on their germs to one another as they gather in close quarters. The JUST GONE Odor Removal and Allergen Control System serving the Cadillac area stops the cycle in its tracks by removing 100% of all the bacteria, germs and viruses for a minimum of 45 days. Every Daycare and Preschool facility would benefit from using Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ to prevent the spread of childhood diseases. The time to make the use of CLO2 compulsory is at hand. Nothing works as well as Just Gone™ to help control the spread of viruses and germs.

Healthcare & MedicalFacilities
The JUST GONE System is used successfully in a number of healthcare facilities because it offers medical facilities a better, more efficient way to sanitize their facilities. This product is ideal for controlling contagious infections in areas where carriers assemble, as in hospitals, surgical centers, doctor’s offices, clinics and dental facilities.

Medical facilities like surgical centers, doctor’s and dental offices are the perfect environment for bacteria. Normal cleaning and sanitizing methods may slow the spread of these harmful bacteria, but there are occasions when they can get out of control, resulting in possible accelerated outbreaks of contagious infections in those treatment facilities.

A call to our Allergy Relief And Odor Removal Company in Cadillac MI can begin the easy process to have your facility quickly treated and ready to be put back in service with a minimum of disruption to your operation.

Public Transportation Vehicles

Allergy Relief And Odor Removal of Cadillac MI and their exclusive JUST GONE system eliminates most of the dangerous known diseases. If the operators of these vehicles would apply a treatment of JUST GONE on a regular scheduled basis, they could easily provide their riders with a truly clean and healthy ride. That could mean fewer colds and other viruses to be spread among the groups of riders and students. The same applies to the latest shared ride experiences from companies like UBER, LYFT and others. Drivers could improve passenger loyalty if they were to sanitize their vehicles regularly and protect their passengers from viruses including Ebola, C Diff Hepatitis, Bacterial E.Coli, Legionella, the dreaded MRSA and scores of other potentially dangerous viruses.

Mold and Mildew

The powerful odor and sanitizing agent CLO2 as used in the system are totally effective against the mold and mildew in your home. JUST GONE does what its name implies. It completely removes mold and mildew and all obnoxious odors in a flash. With this remarkable product, your mold problem will be Just Gone.

You will never have to wait for a remediation company to go through its rather involved traditional mold removal process. The JUST GONE System can be easily activated by our technicians or, if you prefer, by your own maintenance staff, only after we provide them with the instructions they require. Once applied, JUST GONE goes to work eliminating all of your home’s worst odors, germs, viruses and pollen.

After your local Allergy Relief And Odor Removal Company in Cadillac MI completes their remediation your mold and pollen counts will be LOWER than the ambient suggested
readings at all exposed surfaces, including the insides of your duct work.

Public Transportation Vehicles
All those vehicles, including Municipal busses and school busses, might appear to be clean on the outside, but the interiors are usually magnets for diseases, allergens and odors. A simple wipe down does very little to dispel those harmful elements.

Apartment and Hotel & Motel management

Keep your facilities fresh and germ free with our easily to use single use JUST GONE. Use it after the room or apartment is vacated to refresh. Guests will notice the clean fresh air.

Lockerrooms, Gyms, Workout Facilities

It’s been said time after time that the smell of perspiration after a strenuous workout or basketball scrimmage, especially in male facilities can be overbearing to sensitive noses. Just GONE attacks the odor germs and leaves the room free of the harshest odors. It works quickly and affordably. Get rid of the stink and let the games go one.

Out Damn Stink
We urge you to make the call or stops by our facility. We expect a huge response, so if you would like to be among the first of our neighbors to have an application of JUST GONE or if you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment, we can be reached at the number and address listed here.

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